Who I Am, Who We Are would not have been possible
without the support and commitment shown to us by many
people, both Kenyans and those who love Kenya.
In particular, our deepest gratitude goes to Laila and Katrin
for their belief in this project. A big thank you to those who
came with us on this incredible journey: Sylvia, Endy, Verena,
Judy, Nanjala, Rhodia, Rosemary, Amin, Mirko, Wycliffe,
Aggrey, David, Ernest, Mungai, and many, many more.
Words cannot express the gratitude we feel to the people
who came into the Silent Room and opened up to us, and to
the people who took part in the Body Mapping workshops,
breaking down their walls to reveal themselves.
We see these moments of artistic transcendence as a
dissemination where selves are shared and connections
created between us all. There is so much to explore behind
our daily lives, where we navigate issues around individualism,
community-hood, corruption, loyalty to country, injustice and
Who I Am, Who We Are is an echo of each of our journeys
through life, with its secret bends and turbulences, its
mountaintops and valleys.
We hope this is one way to move towards new beginnings
and mutual understanding.
We express admiration and heartfelt thanks to all who made
this journey possible in this land called Kenya.
“I am a searcher, I always was…and I still am…searching for
the missing piece.”— Louise Bourgeois